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March 2023 Community Trends


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• WhyYou Shouldn’t Bat an Eyelash at ESG • What is theWomen’s Leadership Committee all About, Anyway? • Women in CommunityAssociation Management ....and more

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EXTRAS President’s Corner Looking Ahead Chapter Trends 13 Jules C. Frankel Manager Education Assistance Program 14 Webinar Wednesdays 23 2023 Conquer + Connect Registration Form 27 2023 Conquer + Connect Sponsorship Opportunities 28 The Designation Highway — With Exits CMCA, AMS, and PCAM! — Webinar 31 2023 Dennis R. Casale Memorial Golf Outing — Save the Date 33 F.A.S.T. Olympics — Save the Date 35 Business Partner Essentials Program Registration 39 2023 CAI-NJ Conference & Expo — Save the Date 41 CAI-NJ Education Proposals 43 New Members 44 CAI Membership Application 45 PAC the Rooftop Networking Event Registration 53 The Fundamentals of Maintenance Registration 55 Homeowner Leader Best Practices Roundtable Registration 57 2023 Ultimate Partner Listings 60 18 Why You Shouldn’t Bat an Eyelash at ESG By Robert Arnone, MSRE, AMS, CPM ® RCA Management, LLC 24 What is the Women’s Leadership Committee all About Anyway? By Lirelle Klein Taylor Management Company, AAMC, AMO, 2023 Women’s Leadership Committee Chair 30 Women in Community Association Management By Nicole Martone, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Associa Community Management Corp. of New Jersey, AAMC 34 Management Trends: Year of the Woman — Leaders & Leadership By Elaine Warga-Murray, MA, CMCA, AMS, PCAM E.W. Murray Consulting, LLC 5 6 7 8 CAI-NJ Upcoming Events Legislative Update Your Voice is Key with NJ-LAC & CA-PAC 11






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Mary Barrett, Esq. Stark & Stark Attorneys at Law Business Partner

Charles Lavine Traditions at Federal Point Condominium Association Homeowner Leader Carol Nickerson, CMCA FirstService Residential, AAMC Community Association Manager Robert Travis, CIRMS Long Beach Commons Condominium Association Homeowner Leader

Benjamin Basch, EBP Ground Support Services Business Partner Joseph Chorba, CPA

WilkinGutenplan Business Partner

GENERAL COUNSEL Jason Orlando, Esq. Orlando Murphy LLP

GENERAL COUNSEL EMERITUS Wendell A. Smith, Esq., CCAL Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis, LLP

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Jeffrey Logan Guardian Service Industries, Inc.


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“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” — Sheryl Sandberg

T his month is Woman’s History month so staying with this theme I wanted to highlight women who have made considerable contributions throughout history. A woman’s role in building and shaping communities is a historical perspec tive throughout history. Despite facing obstacles and challenges, women from all walks of life and different parts of the world have made significant contribu tions to society. In this article, we will explore how women have contributed to community building and development throughout history, highlighting inspiring examples from different cultures and periods, and discussing the qualities that make women leaders effective and impactful. Women’s contributions throughout history have faced many challenges in par ticipating in community building and development throughout history. Patriarchal societal structures, lack of access to education, and limited opportunities for political and economic participation have all been significant obstacles that women have had to overcome. Despite these challenges, women have been instrumental in building and shaping communities. In ancient civilizations like Egypt and Greece, women held high positions of power and were involved in fields like medicine, art, and education. Similarly, during the Middle Ages, women were mostly relegated to the domestic sphere, but the Renaissance saw the emergence of female writers, artists, and thinkers who contributed to commu nity development. The Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution brought significant changes in women’s roles. The Enlightenment paved the way for women’s rights, with influential thinkers such as Mary Wollstonecraft advocating for equal rights. Women were also active in social and political reform during the Industrial Revolution, campaigning for better working conditions and an end to child labor. In the 20th century, women played a crucial role in fighting for civil rights and the right to vote, as well as making significant contributions to


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various fields like science and technology. Examples of Women’s Contributions

It is essential to recognize the contributions of women from different cultures and geographic regions to showcase the diversity of their experiences and achievements. Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for girls’ education, survived CONT I NU E S ON PAGE 54




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Learn to Lead Taking advantage of the chapter’s educational programs, as well as the networking events will move you forward on your personal career journey. • Designation Highway with Exits CMCA, AMS and PCAM will explain the certifications and designations offered through CAI to management professionals, their importance in the industry and how to obtain them. The pro gram will be presented as a live webinar on Wednesday March 8, 2023. For further information and registration, visit, • Business Partner Essentials Program offers business partners practical advice to help them best serve com munity association managers and board members. All attendees will also have the opportunity to earn their Business Partner Distinction once completing the in-ses sion exam. The live program will be hosted at the CAI-NJ office on Thursday, March 23, 2023. Visit, for further infor mation and registration. A meet-up, open to business partners and community managers, will follow the session. • Conquer + Connect is a full-day of education and net working celebrating and learning from female leaders in our industry. The topics presented will be of interest to both women and men and are designed to support and encour age you to pursue your goals as an industry leader. Please join us on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, at the Imperia in Somerset. Visit, for further information and to register. Attendees will qualify for 5 hours of continuing education credits. Don’t miss out! Booths are now being sold for the 2023 CAI-NJ Conference & Expo based off the release calendar below. The two-day event will be hosted at the Event Center at iPA CONT I NU E S ON PAGE 62

“Leadership is not defined by the exercise of power but by the capacity to increase the send of power among those led. The most essential work of the leader is to create more leaders.” — Mary Parker Follett (1868-1933), Mother of Modern Management & Organizational Behavior T hroughout March we celebrate Women’s History Month. Dating back to 1981 it’s a national cele bration to honor the current women as well as the generations of the past, who have made a difference in the role of women, shaped our history, and strengthened our character in society. Leadership is about empowering and building a strong team, with a culture that the team wants to embrace. A leader needs to first listen, then be empathetic and support those that they are leading to become the future leaders. One’s success is how they have impacted others and helped them grow in their careers. This is why the Women’s Leadership Committee has spearheaded the first CAI-NJ Mentorship Program. The knowledge that we’ve gained from building relationships and our experiences throughout our careers should be shared with those that we teach, which is the foundation of the program. This organization enables us all to build our network of colleagues that support one another in our climb to success. I hope that I have done that for others as their support has helped me obtain my goals. If you are interested in being a mentee, please visit,, or call the chap ter office for further information.


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CALENDAR 2023 Events & Education



1-2 8 15 23 28 30

PAC the Rooftop - Networking Event Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten, Asbury Park 10

Board Leadership Development Workshop CAI-NJ Office, Freehold The Designation Highway - With Exits CMCA, AMS, and PCAM! Virtual



Dennis R. Casale Memorial Golf Outing Forsgate Country Club, Monroe Twp.

Wednesday Webinar Virtual

Business Partner Essentials Course CAI-NJ Office, Freehold


The Fundamentals of Maintenance Clearbrook Community Association, Monroe Twp.

F.A.S.T. Olympics Thompson Park, Monroe Twp. 12

CA-PAC Top Golf Top Golf, Edison




Ultimate Night Out Jersey Shore BlueClaws Stadium, Lakewood


Homeowner Leader Best Practices Roundtable Discussion Regency at Monroe, Monroe Twp.


12 19

Wednesday Webinar Virtual

F.A.S.T. Kickball Tournament Mercer County Park, Princeton Junction 28

Conquer + Connect Imperia, Somerset


18 19

Pre-Conference Networking Reception The Event Center @iPA, Freehold

Register for these and other events at All events are subject to change .

Conference & Expo The Event Center @iPA, Freehold


5 5

Annual Meeting & Chapter Retreat The Grand Marquis, Old Bridge

Winter Break Party The Grand Marquis, Old Bridge



A s I have noted in prior articles, the current legisla ture has made a determination to be more deliber ate in the legislative process, which means that for better or worse, bills are not moving as quickly as they used to. That being said, there are several legal and legislative updates that our members should be aware of: • CAI’s challenge to the “Radburn Regulations” continues. The State has filed its opposition to CAI’s appeal, and CAI’s counsel is working on its reply. • Both the Borough of Fort Lee and the Borough of Cliffside Park have adopted municipal resolutions pro hibiting bringing or charging e-bikes and e-scooters in multiple dwellings. We are interested to see whether other municipalities will follow this lead or take similar action. • S1368 was signed by the governor into law over the summer. It requires landlords and “business owners” to maintain at least $500,000 in liability insurance. Starting in February, it also requires that businesses and landlords file their certificates of insurance with the municipality and permits the municipality to adopt an ordinance setting an administrative fee for said filing. Many municipalities have not yet adopted such an ordi nance, but you should expect to see the same occurring in the near future. • S2662 appears like it will soon be approved by the legislature and the governor. This bill makes it illegal for common interest communities (CICs) to prohibit residents and guests of residents from parking police vehicles on

“S3463 was introduced by Senator Singer. This bill provides that if a CIC owner wishes to transfer his or her apartment to a trust, the CIC cannot charge any kind of fee.” the CIC property because they are police vehicles or commercial vehicles. The New Jersey Legislative Action Committee (NJ-LAC) provided significant input to the bill to ensure that the person parking the police vehicle must comply with all other parking rules and regulations. • S511 is a bill providing rights to temporary laborers. It was previously passed by the legislature but vetoed by the Governor. The bill has been revised and has passed the senate. While we do not have space to fully describe the bill here, if your organization provides or utilizes any temporary employees you should review it. • S3463 was introduced by Senator Singer. This bill pro vides that if a CIC owner wishes to transfer his or her apartment to a trust, the CIC cannot charge any kind of fee. We have some objections to the bill and are seeking a meeting with its sponsor. Finally, we are still working diligently on the structural integrity bill, and hope to have significant updates regard ing same in the near future. n

Stay up-to-date on legislative issues at


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AWARDS COMMITTEE Annie Gonzales — Chair Lila Khiry Cirillo — Vice Chair Jeanine Clark, Esq. Drew Cowley Lindsay Cupples, EBP


GOLF OUTING COMMITTEE Fred Hodge, Jr., EBP — Chair Keith Giliberti, PE, RS, EBP — Vice Chair Harold Berlowe, CMCA Chris Belkot Lorenzo Cullari, AICP Sal Iozzia Hank Johns, EBP Lisa Komitor Cathy Mango, EBP Karl Meth, Esq. Paul Migliore

MANAGER COMMITTEE Mary Barone, CMCA, AMS — Chair Chuck Graziano, PCAM — Vice Chair Erin Cautero, CMCA, AMS Tom Curry, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Michael Flippin, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Anthony Gjergji, Jr. Richard Mattalian, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Vincent Rapolla, AMS Mariaellen Varelis Elaine Warga-Murray, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Michelle Williams, CMCA, AMS Board Liaisons Kristina Munson, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Carol Nickerson, CMCA Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Robin Surgent MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE Tara Baldwin, CPA — Chair Megan Elgard, EBP — Vice Chair Michael Barch Lysa Bergenfeld, Esq. Nichole Gist Antoinette Hutchinson

Drew Podolski, Esq. — Vice Chair Robert Arnone, MSRE, CMCA, AMS

Don Cabrera, CMCA David Dockery, Esq. Jonathan Katz, Esq. Michael Mezzo, CPA, MBA

Kim Dempsey Jeffrey Logan Christine Maldonado Michael Millar Vanessa Pena Kari Prout, CMCA

Steven Morris. RS Casey Sky Noon Robert Roop Carol Shenk, EBP Board Liaisons Mary Barrett, Esq. Carol Nickerson, CMCA Staff Liaison: Brooke Stoppiello-Nevins EVENTS COMMITTEE Debbie Pasquariello, CIC, CIRMS, EBP — Chair Diane Cody, CMCA, PCAM — Vice Chair Ray Barnes, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Tim Bruchez

Nicole Skaro, CMCA, EBP Eileen Szelewicki, CMCA Mary Visco Sandi Wiktor Board Liaisons Tony Nardone, MBA, PCAM Christopher Nicosia, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Jennifer Farrell BUSINESS PARTNER Gregory Vinogradsky, Esq., EBP — Chair Mike Luzzi, CPIA, EBP — Vice Chair Theresa Beckett, EBP Jack Benson Jordan Burkhalter, CPA

Mike Polulak, Esq. Ross Rutman, EBP David Shahrabani, EBP

Jasmin Shelton Jodi Smallwood Michael Sturchio Ryan Weiner Charles Witczak, III, PE, PP, PLS Tom Witkowski Paul Wojciechowski Board Liaisons Steven Mlenak, Esq. Tony Nardone, MBA, PCAM

Dean Catanzarite Justine DelVecchio

Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Jennifer Farrell HOMEOWNER LEADER COMMITTEE Richard Lans — Chair Lois Gerber — Vice Chair Bruce Blum Roslyn Brodsky Barbara Finn, CMCA

Frank Fasolo, IV Freedom Hildreth Pam Illiano Stacey Koehl, CMCA, AMS Laura McIntyre, EBP Daniel Reilly

Kim Manicone Renee Martin Mark Mojares Kathleen Radler Brent Rivenburgh, EBP Steve Roderick, EBP Michael Ryan Ken Shah Rick Sobczak Ryan Trembley Michael Willner, Esq. Board Liaisons Joseph Chorba, CPA

Ron Fermano Carrie Fusella Dave Kiessling Richard Lang, EBP Toni Licciardi Chris Merkler Donna Meyer, EBP Ben Mitrou John Prisco, Esq. Sal Sciallo Perry Stavridis Jessica Vail, EBP David VelascoM EBP Michael Vennitti, EBP Board Liaisons Benjamin Basch, EBP Ryan Fleming, EBP

Monica Reyes Rachel Rutman Randy Vogel Melissa Volet, Esq. Jill Zulin Board Liaisons Joseph Chorba, CPA

Charles Fredericks Kenneth Freeman Salvatore Gurriero

Keira Hauck Carl Kentzel Cheryl Palent

Charles Lavine Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Jennifer Farrell

Charles Lavine Staff Liaison: Robin Surgent WOMEN’S LEADERSHP COMMITTEE Lirelle Klein — Chair Jamie Cullen, CMCA — Vice Chair Amani Abdellah, Esq.

Board Liaisons Charles Lavine Robert Travis, CIRMS

F.A.S.T. COMMITTEE Steven Kuhnert — Chair Jessica Long — Vice Chair JP Ascolese Adara Azeez Chelsea Brodmerkel Jonathan Cairone Alexis Dairman Eric Eggert, CIC, CIRMS Shelby Evans, CPA, EBP Kristi Evans Rebecca Gavin Mary Ellen Liberatore Will Meola Marian Miawad, Esq. Nicole Miller, Esq.

Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Robin Surgent LEGISLATIVE ACTION COMMITTEE (LAC)/PAC Matthew Z. Earle, Esq. — Chair Edward San George, PCAM — Vice Chair Jackie Thermidor, CMCA, AMS, PCAM — Secretary Mohammed Salyani, CPA — Treasurer Elizabeth Comando, CMCA, PCAM — PAC President Andrew Podolski, Esq. — PAC Vice President James Rademacher, EBP — PAC Committee Jennifer Alexander, Esq. Roslyn Brodsky Barbara Drummond, CMCA, PCAM

Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Robin Surgent

Caryn Brahn Jennifer Carr Linda Courain, CMCA, AMS Ellen Goodman, Esq. Martinia Heath, CMCA, AMS Svetlana Malinsky, CMCA Kristin Marzarella Gail McDermid, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Rachel Neves Jennifer Nevins, CMCA, EBP Jen O’Brien Lisa Rayca, CMCA, AMS Cheryl Rhine, CIC, CIRMS, EBP Nikki Schillaci, EBP Lisa Vitiello, CPA Board Liaisons Mary Barrett, Esq. Kristina Munson, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

CONFERENCE & EXPO Saher Gouda, EBP — Chair Shelia Adams, CMCA — Vice Chair Joe Bonafede Jay Burak David Byrne, Esq. Nicole Camarota, CMCA, AMS George Caso Martinez Angela Celeste Ellen Comiski, CMCA Marty Conway John Echelmeier Jessica Kizmann, CPA Erin O’Reilly, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Danita Susi Holly Teufel, CMCA, AMS Board Liaisons Ryan Fleming, EBP Christopher Nicosia, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Jose Romero Dharmi Shah Peter Shine, EBP Ilija Trajkoski

Mitchell Frumkin, RS Vincent Hager, CIRMS Karyn Kennedy-Branco, Esq. Terry Kessler, Esq. J. David Ramsey, Esq. Lisa Rayca, CMCA, AMS John Reichart Alexander Scheffer, CMCA Richard Milder Cheryl Palent

Lauren Vadenais, EBP Kristy Winchock, EBP Board Liaisons Benjamin Basch, EBP Kristina Munson, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Staff Liaisons: Brooke Stoppiello-Nevins Robin Surgent

Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Robin Surgent

Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Jennifer Farrell

Carol Shenk, EBP Board Liaisons: Steven Mlenak, Esq. Robert Travis, CIRMS Staff Liaisons: Angela Kavanaugh Robin Surgent


M A R C H 2 0 2 3


Alliance Association Bank Ansell Grimm & Aaron, PC Associa Community Management Corp., AAMC Becker BELFOR Property Restoration Brown & Brown Insurance of Lehigh Valley Corner Property Management, LLC, AAMC

GAF Hill Wallack LLP Kipcon Inc. McGovern Legal Services, LLC PS&S, LLC PuroClean of Hoboken, Jersey City, Fort Lee Rezkom Enterprises, Inc. Sweeping Corp. of America (SCA) Taylor Management Company, AAMC, AMO Technocality, Inc. USI Insurance Services WilkinGuttenplan

Denali Property Management, Inc. The Falcon Group - Engineering, Architecture & Reserve Specialists FWH Associates, P.A.

Accent Group Access Property Management, AAMC, AMO Adamas Building Services All County Exteriors Amco Pest Solutions, Inc. Anchor Pest Control Becht Engineering BT, Inc. Buckalew Frizzell & Crevina LLP Capital One Bank, N.A. New Jersey Clearview Washing, LLC Cowleys Pest Services Curcio Mirzaian Sirot, LLC Cutolo Barros, LLC Dior Construction, Roofing, and Siding

Environmental Designers Irrigation, Inc FirstService Residential, AAMC FloodCo USA Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP Griffin Alexander, P.C. Guardian Service Industries, Inc. Innovative Pressure Cleaning, LLC The Jesan Companies JGS Insurance, a Baldwin Risk Partner KPI2 Enterprises, Inc. Lemus Construction, Inc. Mackoul Risk Solutions, LLC

Preferred Community Management Services, Inc., AAMC Radom & Wetter Renda Roads, Inc. Snowscapes South Shore Construction, LLC STAR Building Services Two Men Property Services Group, Inc. Popular Association Banking Quality 1st Contracting, Inc. Rainbow - G & J Painting, LLC Regal Restoration USA Republic Services of New Jersey, LLC SageWater Servpro of Howell/Wall Stark & Stark Attorneys at Law Valley Bank Wilkin Management Group, Inc. Witczak Engineering One Call Roofing & Siding O & S Associates, Inc. Parallel Architectural Group Pardini R. Construction Corporation PeopleFirst Property & Casualty Services

Morris Engineering, LLC National Contractors, Inc. National Cooperative Bank

Garden State Pavement Solutions Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla Hueston McNulty, P.C. L.N. Rothberg & Son, Inc. Landscape Maintenance Services, Inc. Mizza Pest Control

Accurate Reconstruction APC Hospitality, LLC AR Management Company Association Advisors NJ CCA, Construction Consulting Associates, LLC Felsen Insurance Services, Inc. First Onsite Pacific Western Bank


Walk the halls of our capitol in Trenton and you see a lot of doors… doors to legislator’s offices… doors to committee rooms… doors to the Assembly and Senate chambers. It takes a lot to get through those doors. You’re not just invited in. You need a key. With a key you’re taken seriously. With a key, you get things done. THAT’S WHY CAI-NJ CARRIES THREE KEYS: • Your Legislative Action Committee (NJ-LAC): Your key eyes, ears, legs and voice in the legislative process. • Your Political Action Committee (CA-PAC): Your key contributions to support elected officials who aim to strengthen your community. • Your Professional Lobbyists: Your key, full-time pros retained by the LAC who know government’s ins and outs, advise us on who to see and when, and how to connect . WHAT CAN YOU DO?: • Take Action – Your voice is key! After meeting with elected officials and clarifying our position on pending legislation, we will alert you to the most crucial actions you can take. By calling or writing your officials, you ensure that your voice, and our agenda, is heard. • Give – Your donations are key! Supporting the PAC with your donations shows legislators that you’re serious, and that our cause counts. • Promote – Your personal influence is key! Talk about CAI-NJ’s legislative engagement in your community and business. Let fellow residents know that we’re fighting for them and their communities!

The keys only work with your support.

Make your gift to the CA-PAC today!

Yes, I’d like to support CA-PAC with a pledge!

PLEASE NOTE: Sorry, CA-PAC cannot accept credit cards. Please make your CORPORATE or PERSONAL CHECK payable and mail to: CA-PAC, 500 Harding Road, Freehold, NJ 07728

I AM A...

____ Community Association Manager. You represent a company or association who manages CAI-NJ communities.

____ Community Supporter. You represent a business that supports CAI-NJ communities with services or products.

____ Community Resident. You live in a CAI-NJ community and want to see it grow strong.

My Association/Management company is making a PAC gift of:

___ $250 ___ $500 ___ $1000 or $________

___ $100 ___ $250 ___ $500 or $________

My supporting business is making a PAC gift of:

I am personally making a PAC gift of:

___ $50 ___ $100 ___ $250 or $________

Community/Company: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Individual Name:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ MailingAddress:______________________________________________________________________________________________________ City, State, ZIP:______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone:_________________________________________________________Fax: ________________________________________________ Email:________________________________ Occupation:______________________ Employer:_____________________________________ Employer Address:___________________________________________________________________________________________________ City, State, ZIP:______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Sorry, CA-PAC cannot accept credit cards. Please make your CORPORATE or PERSONAL CHECK payable and mail to: CA-PAC, 500 Harding Road, Freehold, NJ 07728

Management Company Name: _________________________________________ (Community Association’s Only)


The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission requires us to collect and report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of the employer of contributors whose contribution exceeds $300 in a calendar year. Contributions to CA-PAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Contributions are not limited to suggested amounts. CA-PAC will not favor nor disadvantage anyone based upon the amounts or failure to make PAC Contributions. Voluntary political contributions are subject to limitations of ELEC regulations. CA-PAC contributions are not considered payment of CAI dues. TO DONATE TO CA-PAC, SEND CONTRIBUTIONS TO : CA-PAC, 500 Harding Road, Freehold, NJ 07728


National Cooperative Bank Welcomes Mark Reid as Head of Community Association Banking

mem property management Announces Major Upgrade of its Telecommunications System mem property management company recently announced a significant upgrade to its telecommunications services to serve their residents and vendors better than ever before. The improvements will help residents and vendors get the answers they need quickly and effortlessly, whether inquir ing about payments, late fees, accounting matters or any service-related issues. mem’s adoption of handling activates a feature to play an announcement to callers about how much time is left in

National Cooperative Bank (NCB), a leading financial institution dedicated to providing banking solutions to

cooperatives and socially responsi ble institutions nationwide, is proud to welcome Mark Reid as Head of Community Association Banking. In his role, Mark will be responsi ble for managing and maximizing the

growth of NCB’s community association line of business while working alongside business development officers to increase NCB’s treasury services, deepening our integration with spe cialized 3rd party software providers, growing deposits, and originating capital improvement loans nationwide. Mark comes to NCB with over 30 years of deep bank ing experience and a long track record within the com munity association banking industry. Mr. Reid’s experience includes management roles in wholesale bank product management, product development, sales, relationship management, and bank operations. Prior to joining NCB, Mr. Reid was the Managing Director of Property Management and HOA Banking team at Webster Bank (formerly Sterling National Bank). Prior to joining Webster Bank, Mr. Reid served as Vice President, Senior Product Manager, Treasury Management Group at CIT Bank, and as Senior Vice President, Banking and Cash Management at FirstService Financial. Mr. Reid holds a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College. • All submissions must come from and be about: - A member of CAI-NJ (Manager, Management Company, Board Member, Business Partner or Business Partner Employee) in good standing. • Companies/Communities are permitted four (4) announcements per calendar year. • Submissions are limited to 150 words. - Members are responsible to condense the information appropriately, as CAI-NJ will not do so. Any submissions over 150 words will not be published.

the queue and an oppor tunity to learn more about mem property management while they wait. The esti mated wait time is a mov ing average based on the

duration of the previous calls and rounded to the minute. This allows residents and vendors to manage their time more effec tively and is the latest improvement in a state of the art auto mated workflow system that routes calls quickly and efficiently to the right person, every time. There is no need to leave messages or wait for a call back, mem is committed to 21st century personalized service for all its residents and vendors. The new system also allows mem management to monitor calls for quality assurance, work to further reduce wait times and evaluate call handling performance metrics across the entire organization. n

Chapter Trends Editorial Guidelines

• Submissions may include (1) image. • Submissions should not be advertorial in nature.

Please note, CAI-NJ reserves the right to edit any submissions. The chapter reserves the right to omit information as necessary. CAI-NJ has the exclusive right to refuse to publish any submissions for any reason. For questions regarding the Chapter Trends section of Community Trends ® , please contact or 609-588-0030.


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Jules C. Frankel Manager Education Assistance Program Community Associations Institute NJ Chapter 2023 PROGRAM

Jules C. Frankel was a long time member of CAI and was a key figure in the success and growth of our chapter. Jules was President of the New Jersey chapter in 2000. Jules also received the follow ing awards from CAI-NJ: Speaker of the Year in 2003, Author of the Year in 2004 and the Jerry Fien Distinguished Service Award in 2015. Jules was inducted in the CAI-NJ Hall of Fame in 2003. Jules was a staunch advocate for manager education and training and was always willing to help with seminars and industry educational programs. The Jules C. Frankel Manager Education Assistance Program (MAP) was developed to assist New Jersey managers in the common interest community industry in furthering their educational and professional development goals. The MAP provides the opportunity to any CAI-NJ manager member in good standing to apply for a scholarship.

CAI-NJ will provide a fifty percent (50%) reimbursement per course to selected managers for any of the 100, 200, or 300 courses offered by CAI. More than one award may be given per applicant.

To view available virtual courses, utilize the QR Code or visit the link below to schedule:

All awards must be approved by the CAI-NJ Board of Directors. Accordingly, a submission does not guarantee any applicant assistance. Awards are at the sole discretion of the CAI-NJ Board of Directors.

Please review the attached guidelines and application. If you have any questions, please contact the CAI-NJ office at 609-588-0030 or

Jules C. Frankel Manager Education Assistance Program Community Associations Institute NJ Chapter GUIDELINES AND APPLICATION PROCESS

AWARD: • The MAP awards a deserving candidate $250 per course (100, 200 and 300 level courses) towards the PMDP course of his/her choice. More than one award may be given during a calendar year. • The Scholarship Review Group will award scholarships once per year no later than April 28 th , 2023. • Scholarships must be used for PMDP courses offered by any CAI Chapter or CAI National. All courses may be in person or online. ELIGIBILITY: • At the time of the application and the reimbursement, you must be a member in good standing with the Community Associations Institute and the New Jersey chapter of CAI. • You must have attended at least two (2) CAI-NJ events during the last 12 months. (in-person or virtual) • You may be asked to provide a follow up piece that will be printed in the Community Trends ® magazine that summarizes your experience with the MAP and the ways that it has allowed you to advance your professional goals. CAI-NJ reserves the right to modify any content prior to print. DEADLINES: • All applicants must submit entry no later than March 31 st , 2023 in order to be considered for a scholarship award. Selections will be made no later than April 28 th , 2023. PROCESS: • Interested candidates must fill out the attached application and answer the questions for review prior to dates. All entries must be typed and complete to avoid disqualification. Entries must be mailed to the chapter office or printed to PDF and emailed to • Anonymous essays are evaluated and award recipients will be selected by the Scholarship Review Group. Should there be a conflict on the committee (meaning that a company representative is evaluating an entry for the same company), that committee member will remove themselves from the process and not participate in the review/selection of the candidates. Since this is an anonymous process, the Chapter Executive Director will inform the Scholarship Review Group members of the conflict. • Selected managers must submit verification of course completion to the CAI-NJ office within 30 days of conclusion of the course to receive the scholarship reimbursement. • All classes must be completed by December 31 st , 2023. To apply, fill out the application on the following pages. Community Associations Institute, New Jersey chapter

500 Harding Road, Freehold, NJ 07728 Tel: 609-588-0030 | Fax: 609-588-0040 Email:

Jules C. Frankel Manager Education Assistance Program Community Associations Institute NJ Chapter

MANAGER EDUCATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM APPLICATION - 2023 The information provided on this page will remain confidential until recipients are selected. Please complete the application and contact the chapter office if you have any questions. APPLICANT INFORMATION Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Work Street Address: ________________________________________________________________________ City/ State/ Zip: ____________________________________________________________________________ Mobile Phone No: _________________________________________________________________________ Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________________ EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION Current Employer: __________________________________________________________________________ Number of Years in the Industry: _____________________ CAI Member Since: __________________________ Current CAI Certification/ Designations: ____ CMCA ____ AMS ____ PCAM ____ LSM To ensure confidential and anonymous selection, please provide a confidential four-digit code that will be printed on your entry. ____ ____ ____ ____ (Please avoid something like “1234” to avoid duplicating another entrant’s code)

Jules C. Frankel Manager Education Assistance Program Community Associations Institute NJ Chapter


Please provide your four-digit code here (from previous page) ____ ____ ____ ____ I am applying for the following PMDP class (or classes): Course Name and Number Location (or online) Date __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Please provide answers to the following questions in essay form. Each answer should be 500 words or less. Please number your answers, and attach the separate page(s) to this page. 1. What personal and professional attributes make for a solid and effective community association manager? 2. The community association management field is constantly evolving. Please provide an example of a lesson-learned that has enabled you to grow professionally in the field and how that has allowed you to become more effective in your role. 3. Briefly explain why you make a good candidate to receive the manager scholarship and explain how the scholarship will foster the development of your career as a community association manager. 4. (Prior recipients only) How does applying for this scholarship benefit you and what would you tell others who would be interested in advancing their careers? Please list all of the CAI events (in-person or virtual) that you have attended in the twelve months prior to this application. Also list any other CAI involvement during the last 3 years (committees, etc.) 1. _______________________________________________________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________________________________________________

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WHY YOU SHOULDN’T BAT AN EYELASH AT ESG By Robert Arnone, MSRE, AMS, CPM, ® RCA Management, LLC E SG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) was first mentioned in a United Nations report in 2006 and became mandatory for corporations to adopt. It’s essen tial to look at the landscape of corporations to appreciate the model of balance that the Community Associations Institute (CAI) National has become. The G of ESG is a bit unique because, unlike the “environmental”, when reducing carbon emissions could include building retrofits which take money, or the “social”, which is the social justices of a corporation and strategies that take time and money, “governance” involves bringing the balance of diversity to a board or C Suite level including representation of CEOs, CFO and COO, is about giving qualified candidates an opportunity they’ve earned. Thanks to Dawn Bauman, Senior Vice President of Government & Public Affairs for Community Associations Institute (CAI), and Lisa Cox of Sienna Associates, who is a past member of the Board of Trustees and past Chair of the Community Association Managers Council, for helping to explain CAI National Governance Structure and how CAI has become a model for diversification. Twenty-eight years ago, when Lisa started in the industry, it was dominated by males, so I asked her about what changes and challenges she may have faced. We all have those light bulb moments, and what was clear to me is that Lisa’s ability to manage a staff of 35+, and 11,000 homes, with another possible 4,000 to be built, has garnered the respect of any contractor, vendor, resident, and visitor who steps foot in the community. So, with community leaders like Lisa, it doesn’t seem necessary that CAI National consciously emphasize the G of ESG. Before you understand how the governance council does this, let’s look at what has changed over the past 19 years, from where ESG has gone from being adopted on the fly to how it is becoming part of our institutions.

“The G of ESG is a bit unique because... ‘governance’ involves bringing the balance of diversity to a board or C Suite qualified candidates an opportunity they’ve earned.”


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leaders, there has been obvious change regarding diver sification. It is most noticeable with the implementation of women leaders. Although these ESG-affiliated companies consciously try to diversify their workspace, managers must consider merit and qualifications when hiring,” Ashley Richard, Freshman at BU. Understanding how CAI National makes up the Board of Trustees is informative. There are three councils, Business Partners Council, Community Association Managers Council, and Homeowner Leaders Council. Members of these councils are voted on by their constituents. The Chair and Vice Chair of these councils make us six positions on the board of trustees. The other six positions are at-large, and three others include the president, president-elect, and past president. The nominating committee has criteria for these six Board of Trustees: diversity. When I walk into a CAI-NJ event room, I can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind the number of women that represent the industry, so when the topic of this discussion was put on the table by the Community Trends ® Editorial Committee, I immediately looked at CAI National for the representation

I was fortunate to be discussing this issue over the kitchen table when I learned that this particular issue was part of the college curriculum. “After taking a closer look at major companies that incorporate ESG, there is an overall shift in the purpose of the company, where profit maximization is no longer the sole focus. Companies have begun integrating practices that better society, ultimately attracting even more inves tors. Social change, especially within the Governance of these companies, has been significantly impacted. When examining the specific body of certain companies, includ ing their board of directors and even their main panel of

“When I walk into a CAI-NJ event room, I can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind the number of women that represent the industry...”


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of women on the various councils and board of trustees. To see that approximately 50% of the Board of Trustees are women didn’t surprise me because it is the demographic, I have been so used to seeing for the past ten years. So, is it perfect? Well, nothing is, and seeking perfection comes with risk. When we try to achieve the greater good, we must avoid cloud ing our decisions to fast-track our goal. When having this conversation with the Editorial Committee, a well-de served group of attorneys, engineers, community leaders, and professionals of which I am proud to be part, respect their business acumen, a pro fessional in the organization men tioned a significant number of their new hires are women because they are the most qualified. The purpose of G in ESG is to open the doors to those who deserve the opportunity to be leaders. n

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What is the WOMEN’S

LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE all About, Anyway? By Lirelle Klein,

Taylor Management Company, AAMC, AMO, 2023 Women’s Leadership Committee Chair

“...providing education and resources to mentor, support, and empower women to continue to grow in the community association industry.”

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I f you think that the Women’s Leadership Committee is a group of women who gather for “Koffee Klatches” and talk about what we are going to wear to the next CAI event, you couldn’t be further from the truth! So, if not that, then what is this committee even about, and why is it important? The Women’s Leadership Committee is about providing education and resources to mentor, support, and empower women to continue to grow in the community association industry. As we kick off March and International Women’s Month, what is the definition of a leader and why does it matter. What is a Leader? By the Webster’s Dictionary standard, a leader is defined as “One who, or that which, leads or conducts; a guide; a conductor.”

By this definition, anyone can be a leader, which is true, but take it a step further in that you have to be an influencer before you can become a leader. No, not the TikTok kind of influencer, but the kind where people strive to be like you whether it be in our family life, homes, co-workers, or our clients; the people we touch never ends. AND only when you can influence can you lead. This is crucial to our industry as our clients and co-workers are reliant on the When the committee first formed three years ago, it was in reality 30 years in the making – if you were to ask the CEOs, Owners, COOs how they got started in this industry they would tell you they began as a part-time receptionist, an admin, or a Lifestyle Assistant. We don’t need statistics to prove this industry is made up of more than 60 per CONT I NU E S ON PAGE 26 knowledge, we pass along to them. Why Women Leaders Matter


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