"Association law is all we do. Working with board members and managers is all we do."

Damon M. Kress, Esq.

Francis J. McGovern, Esq.

Scott K. Penick, Esq.

Michael R. Polulak, Esq.

What might someone be surprised to learn about your company? Many people are surprised that some of our outstanding, now middle-aged, attorneys were once outstanding ath- letes. Can you guess which attorney: was an All-American javelin thrower, a goalie for Rutgers ice hockey, an elite rower, an elite distance runner? High-rise urban associations will continue to increase. Preservation of personal privacy will continue to be a chal- lenge and may even be marketed as a benefit in certain associations. Cultural, racial, and religious concerns will continue to increase. Associations will have to continue to recognize and attempt to respectfully harmonize various groups. There seems to be a trend toward cultural, racial, and/or religious homogenization in certain associations. This may be natural and even good in some people’s eyes but I’m not so sure. What trends do you see for the Community Association industry?

Share one of your most memorable moments in the Community Association Industry. Having previously been an attorney for banks, early in my association career, I quickly learned how “hands-on” an association attorney must be. Michael Mendillo and I were on the dais at a Four Seasons at Lakewood board meeting when a woman in the crowd collapsed. Michael and I jumped off the dais and assisted her to a side door. She wound up being fine, hypoglycemia apparently, but it was quite an introduction to the field. What sets your company apart? Association law is all we do. Working with board mem- bers and managers is all we do. Our focus is long-term relationships. We know how hard it is to be a volunteer board member. We know how hard it is to be a manager alone in the management office. We work hard to make our board members’ and managers’ jobs easier from a common-sense/real world perspective. Q

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