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proper funding of this replacement item. Unfortunately, older communities do not have this luxury; however, starting to fund for siding replacement at any time is paramount in maintaining the integrity of older communities. When the time arrives for siding replacement, some funding is clearly better than none at all, but being fully-funded is the ultimate goal. If you live in a new or aging community, have your siding system checked for the materials’ existing condition and installation detailing during an updated capital reserve inspection. Review leak history that is associated with sid- ing and windows. Incorporate any recommended repairs into the association’s transition agreement or preventative maintenance plan. Proper and continued maintenance and repair, from highly qualified personnel, will prolong the useful life of any system. Whether it’s EIFS, stucco, wood, vinyl, aluminum or adhered stone veneer siding, take the educational infor- mation included in this article and make a determination to include the eventual replacement, either in a phased fashion or in total, of all of the communities siding in the association’s Capital Reserve Funding Plan. Q

alent in communities, the need for significant repair and/ or replacement of siding becomes a grim and costly reality. Communities can begin to look aesthetically “weathered” and “old” even with sufficient and proper installation. Siding repairs and replacements may become a greater part of the operating or maintenance budget, and it makes economic sense to replace and upgrade the system. Management may begin to experience frequent com- plaints about water infiltration and interior damage. The interior damage to the framing members, sheathing or unit amenities becomes urgent and very significant. Once these telltale signs start to occur, a replacement of the siding becomes crucial. At this point in time, the cost of mainte- nance will become significant and a phased replacement of the system is, in all likelihood, a financial reality. The need to efficiently budget for siding replacement and/or the inspection of installation and materials should start at the transition phase of a community association. This will enable the repair of deficient installation and the

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