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an account statement ends with a comparison of the ending value of the current period with that of the previous to determine the account has increased or decreased in value. Your review, however, should not end there. Investors are cautioned to understand if a change in the value was the result of a deposit or with- drawal of cash or securities, or solely based on an increase or decrease in the securities that were already in the account. Third, investors are also cautioned to analyze the activity section to con- firm that all transactions were autho- rized. In most brokerage accounts, a transaction should not occur unless and until the account owner specifi- cally authorized the transaction(s) in advance. Investors are advised to compare the information contained in the transaction confirmation generated when the order is placed, against the account statement to ensure that the security, price, and total amount paid or received is correct. All transactions detailed in the statement should be familiar to and have been approved by the investor. If there is a discrep- ancy, an investor should contact the broker immediately and ask to have the discrepancy investigated and to confirm that any necessary adjust- ments are made. If at any time an investor feels uncomfortable with the responses the broker is providing, the firm’s compliance department should be contacted immediately. Investors should also confirm that the fees or commissions charged match

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