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may not have been properly main- tained and is now in predominantly poor condition. There may be many areas where the existing siding is cupped and brittle and chances are the nails at many locations may be rusted, ineffective or missing. Rusting fasters can expand and result in holes in the building envelope. Sections of the siding may have voids (through knotholes or splitting members) result- ing in further costly damage. The progression of these listed conditions will continue to worsen and lead to possible water penetration and possi- ble additional damage to the existing wall sheathing or interior space. Increased replacements and main- tenance should be expected and arranged overtime. A 25 to 30-year useful life is typical and reserving funds for an eventual replacement is encouraged. Vinyl/Aluminum Siding As with any material, the existing vinyl or aluminum siding will require periodic minor maintenance to avoid water infiltration. In addition, periodic cleaning (power washing) should be accounted for. The association’s main- tenance plan should be continually updated to ensure that the siding is maintained properly at all locations. As the buildings age, deficient fas- tening practices may cause additional warping at sections of the siding. Initial detailing of flashings and underlayments is paramount to insure a weather tight installation. It is imper- ative to have periodic inspections of the materials’ weathering abilities and


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