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In This Issue • How to Proactively Utilize Your Community Association Attorney • Best Use of Your Professional Engineer • The Benefits of Board Member Training • How to Best Utilize Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) ....and more


The Community Associations Institute New Jersey chapter would like to thank its 2024 Ultimate Partners below. For more information on our sponsorships, please contact CAI-NJ at 609-588-0030 or info@cainj.org.



THE CAI-NJ COMMUNITY TRENDS ® MAGAZINE CONTENTS 16 How to Proactively Utilize Your Community Associaiton By Jonathan H. Katz, Esq. Becker 22 Best Use of Your Professional Engineer 16

By Robert N. Roop, P.E. Lockatong Engineering 28 The Benefits of Board Member Training By Michael Pesce, PCAM Associa Community Management Corp., AAMC 38 How to Best Utilize Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) By Jessica Kizmann, CPA WilkinGuttenplan 42 Management Trends — Welcome Aboard: A Primer for New Board Members and Reminder for the More Seasoned By Chuck Graziano, CPM, PCAM Wilkin Management Group, Inc., AAMC


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Jules C. Frankel Manager Assistance Program 2024 Annual Awards Celebration Registration F.A.S.T. Adopt-A-Family Recap & Photos


Conquer + Connect — Save the Date 23 2023 Annual Meeting & Chapter Retreat Recap & Photos 26 2023 Winter Break Party Recap & Photos 32 Manager Leadership Workshop Registration 41 Conquer + Connect Education Speaking Proposals Form 43 Coffee & Cram — CMCA Study Group Registration 45 2024 CAI-NJ Conference & Expo — Save the Date 47 2024 CAI-NJ Online Directory 49 CA-PAC Top Golf Registration 51 New Members 52 Request for 2024 Education Proposals 55 2023 Ultimate Partner Listings 60












Michael Flippin, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Integra Management Corp., AAMC Community Association Manager Charles Lavine Homeowner Leader Tony Nardone, MBA, PCAM Corner Property Management, LLC, AAMC Community Association Manager

Carol Nickerson, CMCA FirstService Residential, AAMC Community Association Manager Cheryl Rhine, CIC, CIRMS, EBP USI Insurance Services Business Partner Robert Travis, CIRMS Long Beach Commons Condominium Association Homeowner Leader

GENERAL COUNSEL Jason Orlando, Esq. Orlando Murphy LLP

GENERAL COUNSEL EMERITUS Wendell A. Smith, Esq., CCAL Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis, LLP

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT Tony Nardone, MBA, PCAM Corner Property Management, LLC, AAMC





Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season and is refreshed and poised to dive into 2024! It is my distinct privilege and pleasure to serve as this year’s President and I am excited for the year ahead. As we turn the page on 2023, I find myself pausing for a moment to take stock. I admit that I personally do not do this enough with so many responsibilities and tasks vying for my time, but the urge to reflect has become stronger each year as I grow older (and maybe a smidge wiser).


When I look back at 2023, it truly was a spectacular year for CAI-NJ! The Annual Awards celebration themed after The Great Gatsby started the year with celebrating the accomplish ments of our members in grand fashion.The year continued with engaging events and seminars,

“Our chapter’s members and the CAI-NJ staff continually strive


for excellence in the advancement of our industry...”

including our award-winning Conquer + Connect created by our Women’s Leadership Committee, Board Leadership Development Workshops, the Dennis A. Casale Memorial Golf Outing at Forsgate Country Club hosted by our Golf Committee, the CAI-NJ Olympics and Kickball Tournaments hosted by our F.A.S.T. Committee raising over $17,000 for Make-A-Wish New Jersey, a multitude of educational and networking events developed and hosted by our Homeowner Leader, Managers, Business Partner, and Networking Committees, our Annual Conference & Exposition at iPlay America hosted by the Conference & Expo Committee, and so much more! Throughout the year, the tremendous advocacy efforts shepherded by our award-winning New Jersey Legislative Action Committee (NJ-LAC) improved the lives of those living and working in common-interest communities, including incredible work on structural integrity and reserve funding that received National recognition at the CAI Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Our chapter’s members and the CAI-NJ staff continually strive for excellence in the advancement of our industry, and I am both amazed and humbled by everyone’s dedication, passion, and commitment! This past year was the first year we truly operated at 100% post-COVID and our membership, committee members, and partners showed up in force to support our organization and take advantage of all the different offerings and benefits available. What a remarkable year for CAI-NJ! Moving into 2024, I encourage every member to maximize the value of mem bership by attending events and educational programs, participating in our vari

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WELCOME TO 2024. I hope that it is an amazing year for all of you and you accomplish everything that you set your mind to. The first step to achieving your goals is to develop a well-designed plan of action. With a full year ahead of you, it is your time to curate your life and obtain those accomplishments that you have been dreaming of. If those goals include moving your career forward, our chapter and CAI National can provide resources that will assist you. First, create the plan by answering three basic questions: 1. “The What”, is your goal? 2. “The Why”, how will obtaining this set goal impact your life? 3. “The How”, what are the steps to accomplish your goal and what resources are available to help you accomplish it? Community Association Managers, there has never been a better time than now to obtain your manager designations. All the required education is available online as well as the required continuing education. It’s a fact that community association managers holding designations have a higher earning potential and accelerate their careers. The three basic community association manager creden tials are the CMCA, AMS and PCAM, earned by taking courses offered through the Professional Management Development Program (PMDP). • CMCA — Your first step towards professional certifi cation in community association management will be to obtain your CMCA by taking the M-100 course, the Essentials of Community Association Management, followed by passing the CMCA exam. • AMS — Next earn your AMS by taking two 200-level courses and once completed apply for your Association Management Specialist (AMS) designation.

• PCAM — Finally earn your PCAM by taking all six 200-level courses and completing the Case Study. For those interested, please visit our manager resource page at, https://cainj.org/manager-resources/, which includes Designation Highway with Exits at CMCA, AMS & PCAM for further insight. You may also apply for reimbursement for any of the 100, 200, or 300 courses offered by CAI, through the Jules C. Frankel Manager Education Assistance Program. The chapter will provide a fifty percent (50%) reimbursement per course to selected managers. Visit https://cainj.org/map/ for further infor mation and to apply. On January 31, 2024, Managers will have the opportu nity to start the year off with 5 continuing education credits by attending the Manager Development Workshop at Clearbrook, Monroe Twp., NJ. This full day program is free for Community Association Manager members. Homeowner Leaders, you know the importance of having a successful governing board. The Board Leader ship Development program educates leaders of common interest communities on effective community association board leadership. The New Jersey chapter offers this important program, twice per year, free of charge at the CAI-NJ Headquarters, to Homeowner Leader members or you may take the course online through CAI National. The course includes five modules. • Module 1: Governing Documents and Roles & Responsi bilities. • Module 2: Communications, Meetings and Volunteerism. • Module 3: Fundamentals of Financial Management. • Module 4: Professional Advisors and Service Providers. • Module 5: Association Rules and Conflict Resolution. Business Partners




CALENDAR 2024 Events & Education




12 18

Manager Leadership Workshop Clearbrook Community Association, Monroe Twp.

Community Conversations Live Virtual

Dennis R. Casale Memorial Golf Outing Forsgate Country Club, Monroe


6 6 22

Community Conversations Live Virtual


7 15

CMCA Study Group - Coffee & Cram CAI-NJ Headquarters, Freehold

Community Conversations Live Virtual

Annual Awards Celebration The Event Center @iPA, Freehold

Ultimate Event - Jersey Shore BlueClaws ShoreTown Ballpark, Lakewood

MARCH Proactive Protection Against Fraud & Theft Location TBD Board Leadership Development Workshop CAI-NJ Headquarters, Freehold


14 19 20 21

16 17

Conference Kick-Off Location TBD, Edison

Annual Conference & Expo New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center, Edison

CA-PAC Top Golf Top Golf, Edison



Community Conversations Live Virtual



Conquer + Connect The Imperia, Somerset

Register for these and other events at www.cainj.org All events are subject to change .



W e at the New Jersey Legislative Action Committee (NJ-LAC) hope you had a won derful holiday season and wish you a happy New Year! Before we turn our attention to the coming year, it is important to reflect on what happened in 2023. There were a number of impactful pieces of legislation passed that the LAC was involved in. However, our most significant work related to the structural integrity bill (S2760/A4384). Everyone is aware of the Surfside disaster, the parking garage collapses, the balcony collapses, and the recent structural collapse of an apartment building in the Bronx. Nothing is more vital to protect the health and safety of our constituents than this bill. Hopefully, by the time you are reading this the bill will be law. However, if it is not then we will continue our efforts. While everyone on the LAC participated with the mes saging and outreach on this bill, Ed San George, PCAM, Mitch Frumkin, PE, RS and J. David Ramsey, Esq. have spent countless hours with our lobbyist, Michele Jaker, working on the language in the bill, meeting with legis lators, and attending numerous hearings in Trenton. Their

volunteer commitment is a thing to behold and they deserve our thanks. It is heartening to see busy professionals invest so much time and effort into this labor of love (although it is also nice, and not at all arrogant, to be able to argue legislative intent

“Nothing is more vital to protect the health and safety of our constituents than this bill. Hopefully, by the time you are reading this the bill will be law.”

by noting that you wrote the law and so you know darn well what was intended--your Honor). While we hope with all fingers crossed that the structural integrity bill has passed, if it turns out that it does not make it across the finish line, we know that we gave everything we had to a worthy cause, and that 2023 was a good year. There is no doubt that 2024 will be even better.

Stay up-to-date on legislative issues at www.cainj.org.

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AWARDS Lila Khiry Cirillo — Chair Kim Dempsey — Vice Chair Liz Bonafide Jeanine Clark, Esq. Drew Cowley Lindsay Cupples, EBP Michelle Gadaleta Kristin Guinan Nick Haralambopoulous, CPA Christine Maldonado Matthew Manley Newlin Peng Kari Prout, CMCA Eileen Szelewicki, CMCA Mary Visco Board Liaisons: Steve Mlenak, Esq. Chris Nicosia, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Jennifer Farrell BUSINESS PARTNER Mike Luzzi, CPIA, EBP — Chair Theresa Beckett, EBP — Vice Chair Jack Benson Jason Ciavarro

EDITORIAL Drew Podolski, Esq. — Chair Casey Noon — Vice Chair Robert Arnone, MSRE, CMCA, AMS Ben Basch, EBP David Cerqueira, Esq. David Dockery, Esq. Damon Kress, Esq. Nicole Martone, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Michael Mezzo, CPA Steven Morris, RS Andrew Newman, CMCA, AMS Board Liaisons: Mary Barrett, Esq. Carol Nickerson, CMCA Staff Liaison: Brooke Stoppiello-Nevins EVENTS Diane Cody, CMCA, PCAM — Chair Randy Vogel — Vice Chair

GOLF OUTING Lisa Komitor — Chair Jasmin Shelton — Vice Chair Doug Andersen Chris Belkot Harold Berlowe, CMCA Lorenzo Cullari, AICP Chris Fernandes Donna Fiore, CMCA Keith Giliberti, PE, RS, EBP Fred Hodge, EBP Sal Iozzia Hank Johns, EBP Cathy Mango, EBP Karl Meth, Esq. Paul Migliore Matt Pfister Mike Polulak, Esq. David Shahrabani, EBP Jodi Smallwood Michael Sturchio Ryan Weiner Charles Witczak, III, PE, PP, PLS Paul Wojciechowski Board Liaisons: Michael Flippin, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Tony Nardone, MBA, PCAM Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Jennifer Farrell HOMEOWNER LEADER Lois Gerber — Chair Bruce Blum — Vice Chair Sandra Bonet Joseph Branciforte Roslyn Brodsky Barbara Finn, CMCA Charles Fredericks Carl Kentzel Thomas Krieger

MANAGER Chuck Graziano, PCAM — Chair Mariaellen Varelis — Vice Chair Erin Cautero, CMCA, AMS Antoinette Hutchinson Tarak Kadia Richard Mattalian, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Erin O'Reilly, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Christopher Spagnuolo Barbara Strubel, CMCA Elaine Warga-Murray, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Board Liaisons: Michael Flippin, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Carol Nickerson, CMCA Dan Penix, CMCA Christopher Popoli Vince Rapolla, AMS, PCAM

Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Robin Surgent MEMBERSHIP Tara Baldwin, CPA — Chair Ken Shah — Vice Chair Lysa Bergenfeld, Esq. Jeffrey Cuevas Megan Brazil, EBP Nichole Gist Melissa Lloyd, CMCA, AMS

Nicole Ancona Michael Blaney Stacey Bishara, CMCA, AMS Tim Bruchez

Dean Catanzarite Justine DelVecchio

Mary DeNone Frank Fasolo

Joe Cunningham Glenn Fedale, Sr. Carrie Fusella Dave Kiessling, RS, EBP Richard Lang, EBP Jim Laurie Toni Licciardi, EBP Christopher Lugara Fran McGovern, Esq. David McNamara Chris Merkler Donna Meyer, EBP Jonathan Moscou John Prisco, Esq., EBP

Anthony Gjergji Maria Mikowski Debbie Pasquariello, CIC, CIRMS, EBP Alexandra Pollera Lyly Ton Melissa Volet, Esq. Jill Zulin Board Liaisons: Charles Lavine Tony Nardone, MBA, PCAM Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Jennifer Farrell F.A.S.T. Jessica Long — Chair Eric Eggert, CIC, CIRMS, EBP — Vice Chair Adara Azeez Chelsea Brodmerkel Rebecca Gavin Steven Kuhnert Mary Ellen Liberatore Will Meola Marian Miawad, Esq. Nicole Miller, Esq. Kristina Munson, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, CPM Jose Romero, EBP Dharmi Shah Peter Shine, EBP Jimmy Stovall Lauren Vadenais, EBP Michael Vargetto Kristy Winchock, EBP CJ Witczak Board Liaisons: Michael Flippin, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Cheryl Rhine, CIC, CIRMS, EBP Staff Liaisons: Brooke Stoppiello-Nevins Robin Surgent Jonathan Cairone Melanie Donnoli Kristi Evans Shelby Evans, CPA, EBP

Kim Manicone, EBP Francisco Marcucci

Mark Mojares Brian Prinsell Kathleen Radler

Brent Rivenburgh, AAI Steve Roderick, EBP

Mark Ruggio Michael Ryan Larry Sauer, CPM, CMCA, PCAM

Denise Schiera Ryan Trembley Michael Willner, Esq.

Richard Lans Cheryl Palent Board Liaisons: Charles Lavine Bob Travis

Marc Wolfskehl Board Liaisons: Joe Chorba, CPA Charles Lavine Staff Liaisons: Robin Surgent

Ross Rutman, EBP Herman Shaugger David Velasco, EBP Gregory Vinogradsky, Esq., EBP

Board Liaisons: Joe Chorba, CPA Ryan Fleming, EBP

Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Robin Surgent LEGISLATIVE ACTION COMMITTEE (LAC)/PAC Matthew Z. Earle, Esq. — Chair Edward San George, PCAM — Vice Chair Jackie Thermidor, CMCA, AMS, PCAM — Secretary Mohammed Salyani, CPA — Treasurer Elizabeth Comando, CMCA, PCAM — PAC President Andrew Podolski, Esq. — PAC Vice President James Rademacher, EBP — PAC Committee Jennifer Alexander, Esq. Roslyn Brodsky Barbara Drummond, CMCA, PCAM

Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Robin Surgent CONFERENCE & EXPO Shelia Adams, CMCA, AMS — Chair John Echelmeier — Vice Chair Tom Anzalone Brian Aubrey, PCAM

WOMENS LEADERSHIP Jamie Cullen, CMCA — Chair Linda Courain, CMCA, AMS — Vice Chair Jennifer Carr Alexis Dairman, Esq. Beth Duffy, CMCA Kimberly Finno Patricia Foltanski Jessica Kizmann, CPA Lirelle Klein Elizabeth Maltais Jessica Marvel, EBP Kristin Marzarella-Amato Shannon McCormick Rachel Neves Jen O'Brien Anita Rothery Nikki Schillaci, EBP Board Liaisons: Mary Barrett, Esq. Cheryl Rhine, CIC, CIRMS, EBP

Martin Bahner Joe Bonafede Jay Burak Jordan Burkhalter, CPA John Desien Ellen Comiski, CMCA Marty Conway

Mitchell Frumkin, RS Vincent Hager, CIRMS Karyn Kennedy-Branco, Esq. Terry Kessler, Esq. J. David Ramsey, Esq. Lisa Rayca, CMCA, AMS John Reichart Alexander Scheffer, CMCA Board Liaisons: Richard Milder Cheryl Palent

Anthony Dellanno Saher Gouda, EBP James Kiernan George Caso Martinez Jerome Quagliozzi Sharon Sanchez Holly Teufel, CMCA, AMS Board Liaisons: Ryan Fleming, EBP Chris Nicosia, CMCA, AMS, PCAM

Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Robin Surgent

Steven Mlenak, Esq. Robert Travis, CIRMS Staff Liaisons: Angela Kavanaugh Robin Surgent

Staff Liaisons: Jaclyn Oskierko Jennifer Farrell




Alliance Association Bank Ansell Grimm & Aaron, PC Associa Community Management Corp., AAMC Becker BELFOR Property Restoration Brown & Brown Insurance of Lehigh Valley Clearview Washing, LLC Corner Property Management, LLC, AAMC Denali Property Management, Inc. The Falcon Group FWH Associates, P.A.

GAF Hill Wallack LLP Kipcon Inc. McGovern Legal Services, LLC PS&S, LLC Professional Restoration Services, LLC DBA PuroClean of Hoboken Rezkom Enterprises, Inc. Sweeping Corp. of America (SCA) Taylor Management Company, AAMC, AMO Technocality, Inc. USI Insurance Services WilkinGuttenplan

Accent Group Access Property Management, AAMC, AMO Acrisure Adamas Building Services All County Exteriors Amco Pest Solutions, Inc. Anchor Pest Control Apex Air Duct Cleaning & Chimney Services Becht Engineering BT, Inc. Buckalew Frizzell & Crevina LLP Capital One Bank, N.A. New Jersey CCA, Construction Consulting Associates, LLC CertaPro Painters of Central & Lower Bucks Cowleys Pest Services

Cutolo Barros, LLC Environmental Designers Irrigation, Inc First Onsite FloodCo USA Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP Griffin Alexander, P.C. Guardian Service Industries, Inc. Innovative Pressure Cleaning The Jesan Companies JGS Insurance, a Baldwin Risk Partner KPI2 Enterprises, Inc. Lemus Construction, Inc. Mackoul Risk Solutions, LLC

National Cooperative Bank O & S Associates, Inc. Parallel Architectural Group Pardini R. Construction Corporation

Popular Association Banking Quality 1st Contracting, Inc. Rainbow G & J Painting, LLC Regal Restoration USA

Preferred Community Management Services, Inc., AAMC Radom & Wetter Renda Roads, Inc. Servpro Team Fox Snowscapes South Shore Construction, LLC STAR Building Services Towne & Country Management Republic Services of New Jersey, LLC Servpro of Howell, Wall, Spring Lake, Asbury Park Stark & Stark Attorneys at Law Valley Bank Wilkin Management Group, Inc. Witczak Engineering

Morris Engineering, LLC National Contractors, Inc.

Accurate Reconstruction APC Hospitality, LLC AR Management Company Association Advisors NJ

Garden State Pavement Solutions Giordano, Halleran & Ciesla Homestead Management Services, Inc. Hueston McNulty, P.C. IronRock Security L.N. Rothberg & Son, Inc. Landscape Maintenance Services, Inc.

Core Maintenance Construction Down to Earrth Landscaping, Inc. Felsen Insurance Services First Citizens Bank FirstService Residential, AAMC

MyPropertyBilling.com Pacific Western Bank

CHAPTER TRENDS Association Reserves Announces the Opening of their New Jersey Office! As an important figure in the association industry, we wanted to be the first to inform you of the opening of our New Jersey office, with Brian Weaver, CMCA, AMS, PCAM as the president, effective January 1, 2024.

JMG is a full-service accounting and advisory fim licensed in NY & NJ. JMG will operate throughout NY and NJ, with offices in New City, NY, Westwood, NJ, and Somerville, NJ. Taylor Management Company, AAMC, AMO is proud to introduce Vincent Rapolla as the new Regional Vice President for the Gold Coast Region! Starting as an administrator, Vincent swiftly advanced to roles like portfolio manager, general manager, director of operations, and regional director. He brings 18 years of dynamic community management experience, specializing in

Brian brings approximately 30 years of combined experience in real estate sales, residential development, and property management. He spent 15 of these leading and guiding commu nity association board members on all aspects of property management, including the strategic and financial

high-rise management. Vincent excels in overseeing transitions, managing projects, and conducting capital reserve analyses. Beyond community management, he chaired the CAI manager’s committee, enhanced his HOA’s financial management, served on special improvement districts in

planning of large-scale capital reserve projects. We are looking forward to Brian delivering outstanding service to the Tri-State area!

Merger Announcement

We are pleased to announce that effective

Jersey City, and utilized his real estate expertise. Recently earning his PCAM, Vincent’s commitment to continuous learn ing and leadership solidifies his position as an industry leader, making him a valuable asset to Taylor Management and a trusted figure in community management. n

January 1, 2024, Jilleba & Libock CPAs, Mirra & Associates, Scheer Guarnieri & Associates CPAs, and Unlimited Financial Services will merge to create JMG Certified Public Accountants, LLC (“JMG”).

Chapter Trends Editorial Guidelines

• Submissions may include (1) image. • Submissions should not be advertorial in nature.

• All submissions must come from and be about: - A member of CAI-NJ (Manager, Management Company, Board Member, Business Partner or Business Partner Employee) in good standing. • Companies/Communities are permitted four (4) announcements per calendar year. • Submissions are limited to 150 words. - Members are responsible to condense the information appropriately, as CAI-NJ will not do so. Any submissions over 150 words will not be published.

Please note, CAI-NJ reserves the right to edit any submissions. The chapter reserves the right to omit information as necessary. CAI-NJ has the exclusive right to refuse to publish any submissions for any reason. For questions regarding the Chapter Trends section of Community Trends ® , please contact brooke@cainj.org or 609-588-0030.



Jules C. Frankel Manager Education Assistance Program Community Associations Institute NJ Chapter 2024 PROGRAM

Jules C. Frankel was a long time member of CAI and was a key figure in the success and growth of our chapter. Jules was President of the New Jersey chapter in 2000. Jules also received the follow ing awards from CAI-NJ: Speaker of the Year in 2003, Author of the Year in 2004 and the Jerry Fien Distinguished Service Award in 2015. Jules was inducted in the CAI-NJ Hall of Fame in 2003. Jules was a staunch advocate for manager education and training and was always willing to help with seminars and industry educational programs. The Jules C. Frankel Manager Education Assistance Program (MAP) was developed to assist New Jersey managers in the common interest community industry in furthering their educational and professional development goals. The MAP provides the opportunity to any CAI-NJ manager member in good standing to apply for a scholarship.

CAI-NJ will provide a fifty percent (50%) reimbursement per course to selected managers for any of the 100, 200, or 300 courses offered by CAI. More than one award may be given per applicant.

To view available virtual courses, utilize the QR Code or visit the link below to schedule:


All awards must be approved by the CAI-NJ Board of Directors. Accordingly, a submission does not guarantee any applicant assistance. Awards are at the sole discretion of the CAI-NJ Board of Directors.

Please review the attached guidelines and application. If you have any questions, please contact the CAI-NJ office at 609-588-0030 or info@cainj.org



Jules C. Frankel Manager Education Assistance Program Community Associations Institute NJ Chapter GUIDELINES AND APPLICATION PROCESS

AWARD: • The MAP awards a deserving candidate $250 per course (100, 200 and 300 level courses) towards the PMDP course of his/her choice. More than one award may be given during a calendar year. • The Scholarship Review Group will award scholarships once per year no later than April 26 th , 2024. • Scholarships must be used for PMDP courses offered by any CAI Chapter or CAI National. All courses may be in person or online. ELIGIBILITY: • At the time of the application and the reimbursement, you must be a member in good standing with the Community Associations Institute and the New Jersey chapter of CAI. • You must have attended at least two (2) CAI-NJ events during the last 12 months. (in-person or virtual) • You may be asked to provide a follow up piece that will be printed in the Community Trends ® magazine that summarizes your experience with the MAP and the ways that it has allowed you to advance your professional goals. CAI-NJ reserves the right to modify any content prior to print. DEADLINES: • All applicants must submit entry no later than March 29 th , 2024 in order to be considered for a scholar ship award. Selections will be made no later than April 26 th , 2024. PROCESS: • Interested candidates must fill out the attached application and answer the questions for review prior to dates. All entries must be typed and complete to avoid disqualification. Entries must be mailed to the chapter office or printed to PDF and emailed to info@cainj.org. • Anonymous essays are evaluated and award recipients will be selected by the Scholarship Review Group. Should there be a conflict on the committee (meaning that a company representative is evaluating an entry for the same company), that committee member will remove themselves from the process and not participate in the review/selection of the candidates. Since this is an anonymous process, the Chapter Executive Director will inform the Scholarship Review Group members of the conflict. • Selected managers must submit verification of course completion to the CAI-NJ office within 30 days of conclusion of the course to receive the scholarship reimbursement. • All course reimbursement requests must be submitted by December 31 st , 2024. To apply, fill out the application on the following pages. Community Associations Institute, New Jersey chapter

500 Harding Road, Freehold, NJ 07728 Tel: 609-588-0030 | Fax: 609-588-0040 Email: info@cainj.org



Jules C. Frankel Manager Education Assistance Program Community Associations Institute NJ Chapter

MANAGER EDUCATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM APPLICATION - 2024 The information provided on this page will remain confidential until recipients are selected. Please complete the application and contact the chapter office if you have any questions. APPLICANT INFORMATION Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Work Street Address: ________________________________________________________________________ City/ State/ Zip: ____________________________________________________________________________ Mobile Phone No: _________________________________________________________________________ Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________________ EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION Current Employer: __________________________________________________________________________ Number of Years in the Industry: _____________________ CAI Member Since: __________________________ Current CAI Certification/ Designations: ____ CMCA ____ AMS ____ PCAM ____ LSM To ensure confidential and anonymous selection, please provide a confidential four-digit code that will be printed on your entry. ____ ____ ____ ____ (Please avoid something like “1234” to avoid duplicating another entrant’s code)



Jules C. Frankel Manager Education Assistance Program Community Associations Institute NJ Chapter


Please provide your four-digit code here (from previous page) ____ ____ ____ ____ I am applying for the following PMDP class (or classes): Course Name and Number Location (or online) Date __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ Please provide answers to the following questions in essay form. Each answer should be 500 words or less. Please number your answers, and attach the separate page(s) to this page. 1. What personal and professional attributes make for a solid and effective community association manager? 2. The community association management field is constantly evolving. Please provide an example of a lesson-learned that has enabled you to grow professionally in the field and how that has allowed you to become more effective in your role. 3. Briefly explain why you make a good candidate to receive the manager scholarship and explain how the scholarship will foster the development of your career as a community association manager. 4. (Prior recipients only) How does applying for this scholarship benefit you and what would you tell others who would be interested in advancing their careers? Please list all of the CAI events (in-person or virtual) that you have attended in the twelve months prior to this application. Also list any other CAI involvement during the last 3 years (committees, etc.) 1. _______________________________________________________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________________________________________________

4. _______________________________________________________________________________________

5. _______________________________________________________________________________________

6. _______________________________________________________________________________________

7. _______________________________________________________________________________________



How To Proactively Utilize Your Community Association ATTORNEY By Jonathan H. Katz, Esq., Becker & Poliakoff

N ormally, attorneys must be reactive when asked to address an important question, issue, or even a pending lawsuit, so it is a pleasant surprise when attorneys are asked to be proactive and impart their wisdom and advice to our community association clients. Here are a few suggestions for how your community associ ation can proactively utilize the advice of your association attorney: Review and Update Governing Documents Depending on the age of your community, it may be time for your attorney to review your governing documents to ensure that they: (1) are in compliance with the law, including the requirements enacted as part of the Radburn legislation and accompanying Department of Community Affairs (“DCA”) regulations; and (2) to ensure that as the community ages, the requirements and restrictions are appropriate for the association. For example, do we have to amend the provisions regarding elections and meetings to comply with Radburn? Do your by-laws allow for elec tronic notice/voting? Do we really need to keep outdated provisions related to developer control? What is the rule against perpetuities, and do we really need to keep that in our documents (yes, for that one, just trust me.)? Proactively

reviewing your governing documents every few years will ensure that your association is compliant with the law and is up-to-date with all of the latest issues that could affect your association. Review Rules/Regulations and Draft New Policies Does your community have a collection policy? How about a policy on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) or electric vehicle charging stations? Are your pet, parking, and pool rules current and compliant with the Fair Housing Act (“FHA”)? These are all questions that you should ask your attorney every few years while you consider adopting or updating certain rules and policies. As new laws are enacted or change over time, it is important (and good practice) to make sure your rules, policies, and procedures are compliant with both state and federal law. There has been an increasing emphasis on FHA issues over the last several years, whether related to reasonable accommoda tion/modification requests for disabled residents or dealing with assistance animals (service animals and emotional support animals). Understanding those issues and updating your policies to reflect the current law can guide boards in making appropriate decisions for the community. CONTINUES ON PAGE 18

Hoptocopter/iStock/Getty Images Plus



ATTORNEY... from page 16.

your professional team. “Your legal counsel will serve as the ‘quarterback,’ providing advice, guidance, and assis tance in negotiating any issues with the developer. Your engineering firm will review the construction of the common elements for general conformance with the design, building code, and industry standards and point out any areas of concern that should be further addressed or repaired by the developer. An accountant will review the association’s finances during the time of developer control to ensure that the developer made the required contributions and properly managed the association’s funds. Your professional team will also advise you on the need for a reserve study to determine if the association’s reserve funds have been ade quately funded to date. With the right professional team working alongside management, your community is much more likely to have a smooth transition.” In summary, do not be afraid to proactively use your association attorney to deal with questions in your com munity before they become issues. Proactively using your association attorney can save you time, money, and a few headaches. n

Navigate Transition from Developer Control Your developer just relinquished control of your asso ciation to a majority of owners on the board, which we commonly refer to as “transition.” What should the board do now to address any transition issues proactively? For this issue, I have enlisted the advice of my colleague, Martin “Your legal counsel will serve as the ‘quarterback,’ providing advice, guidance, and assistance in negotiating any issues with the developer." C. Cabalar, Esq., a shareholder in our construction law and litigation practice group. Martin advises that as part of a board’s due diligence related to the transition from developer control, the governing board should assemble

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From October through early December each year, the F.A.S.T. Committee holds their Adopt-A-Family Initiative. Through Interfaith Neighbors, a local Monmouth County organization, they adopt multiple families to ensure that they get to enjoy the holiday season. They had asked that members support the initiative by donating to support their efforts. With all of your help, they were able to raise money for this wonderful initiative and sponsored four (4) families! It was certainly a heart warming experience and reminds us all why this initiative is so important. Thank you very much to all those that donated to make this possible and a big thank you to the F.A.S.T. Committee of volunteers who put this all together! CAI-NJ hopes everyone enjoyed their holiday! Thank You To All Those That Donated!



Best Use of Your Professional Engineer

By Robert N. Roop, P.E., Lockatong Engineering

R ealtors say the three most important factors in the trans action are location, location, location. In an associa tion’s relationship with their professionals, particularly professional engineers, the three most important factors are communication, communication, communication. In beginning a relationship with your engineer, establish the lines of communication. Who is the point of contact on the association board? Is it the treasure, the president or the entire board for every communication? It could be that for different communications different board members should be the point of contact. For instance, the professional’s invoice, and approved invoices from contractors perform ing work for the association may be best directed only to the association treasurer. Some associations establish committees for specific proj ects. There could be a reserve study, transition study, or

construction committee to whom all the communications for that project are directed. The association board should also make clear what the role of the property manager is expected to be. Does the property manager receive all the communications and then distribute them to the appropri ate members of the community or is the property manager just copied on what the engineer distributes directly to the association? In the other direction, the engineer should identify to whom within the engineering office the board or property manager should be contacting. It could be the principal of the engineering office or an engineer who is a project manager for a specific task. Managing the expectations of the association members is next. Boards must decide when the engineer can most effectively present information and solutions to the broader community. The engineer can be very helpful in presenting clear information at owner’s meetings about capital improvement projects that are about to begin or how funding in a reserve study was determined and the explanation of why it is needed. Meetings can be in person or via video. The association should understand that any professional has particular expertise and one CONTINUES ON PAGE 24

“The engineer can be very helpful in presenting clear information at owner’s meetings..."

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been made over time are important for the engineer to review. Particularly important with the recent emphasis on structural evaluations is anything from the original construc tion. If old paper drawings are available, the engineer can assist in making electronic copies to preserve those documents and make them available for future reference. In the development of the specification for new construc tion or renovation, it is important for the association to be involved. While the engineer can provide the technical specifications for the project, the association has a keen interest in the administrative, schedule, and risk man agement aspects. The association must be prepared to review the specification, approve the proposed schedule, allow the contractor use of the facilities, review contractor required insurance coverage and any impact to homeown ers during construction. Depending on the complexity of the project, the association may want the engineer to be on site to confirm the contractor is performing according to the specification. The frequency and duration of that engineer’s on-site work needs to be established. Those on-site inspec tions are also going to assist the engineer in approving

measurement of the value of that expertise is the time the professional spends to convey it. Professional fees are based upon time, so all those requested meetings should

“An engineer must understand the history of the association."

be understood to be reflected in invoices. Avoid a misun derstanding about what is included in services. An engineer must understand the history of the associ ation. Any construction documents that may be available from the original construction or improvements that have

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the contractor’s invoices for progress payments on the job. The association can better understand the responsibility of their professional engineer with a little understanding of the code of ethics specific to our profes sion. The National Society Professional Engineers has six fundamental canons of the code. Two of them are: • Hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public • Act for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees Keeping the ethical responsibility of the professional engineer and the benefits of clear and consistent com munication in mind will make the relationship between the association and the engineer most beneficial for both. n

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2023 C AI-NJ Annual Meeting & Chapter Retreat TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2023

The Benefits of BOARD MEMBER TRAINING By Michael Pesce, PCAM, Associa Community Management Corp., AAMC

I joined the association management business in 1987, and over the ensuing 36 years, I have learned a great deal from the thousands of board members I have worked for and with over that period. If one approaches operating community associations as a business, which it mostly is, the diverse backgrounds of our various board members can teach even the most veteran community man ager a lot about operating these communities. However, there are certain aspects of governing and operating community associations that are unique to our industry and are not necessarily intuitive. Many companies believe that it is critical that they educate their board members, especially those recently elected, on the unique aspects of their volunteer roles. Before touching upon the general topics that those cover in these education sessions, it is also encourage d for boards, especially newly elected members, to seek input from their legal counsel and accounting professionals on the legal and financial obliga-tions of their role on the board.

Many management companies now conduct a series of period seminars for our managed boards, dealing with top ics ranging from EV charging stations in communities, to the annual audit, to how to draft an effective board resolution. Many of these sessions are presented by outside speakers from the industry. However, core board member training programs are taught by community management mem bers. Every three months, it is suggested to have one session devoted to the effective use of a website platform, TownSq, and a second devoted, in general, to what it takes to be a good board member. I have historically led the general training sessions, which typically involve the following topics: 1.The fiduciary obligations of board members (duty of loy alty, duty of care and duty of confidentiality). Frankly, we don’t recommend spending a great deal of time on these ethical obligations, as we find that board members in general, and certainly those spending an evening looking to learn to do their jobs better, are typically serving for the right reasons. CONTINUES ON PAGE 30

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